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Organic Castor Oil

Organic Castor Oil

Unlock lustrous hair and glowing skin with pure nourishment!
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Why You'll Love It

  • TickHydrates skin & hair
  • TickPromotes fuller brows & lashes
  • TickPacked with omegas & minerals
  • TickStrengthens hair
  • TickSupports wellness

All products are 100% genuine, sourced directly from authorized brands and distributors in the USA and Australia, stored and shipped from our Brisbane warehouse. No third-party resellers allowed. Info Icon 100% Authentic!


Heritage Store organic castor oil is cold-pressed and hexane-free, providing a clean and nutrient-rich oil. Promotes health and wellness when used as a nourishing castor pack. Ideal for all skin types. This product comes in a glass bottle. (473 mL).

Moisturize and mellow out, with this relaxing organic castor oil for wellness packs.

  • Soothes and relaxes
  • Can be used as a warming massage oil.
  • Insider tip: Previously known as Palma Cristi, this oil is known to have many wellness properties.
  • Every brand deserves a refresh – we updated our packaging but rest assured our formulas are exactly the same.
How to Use


  1. Make a pack of appropriate size and saturate with castor oil. (Oil may be preheated or used with heating pad or hot water bottle. Do not use heat if infection or fever is present or suspected). 
  2. Position pack over affected area and cover with a piece of plastic and heating pad if desired. A towel may be used to help protect bedding.
  3. Allow pack to remain for an hour or more.  Avoid falling asleep with heating pad turned on, or use a hot water bottle.
  4. After pack is removed, cleanse skin with a solution of baking soda in water (1 teaspoonful to a pint) or our convenient Castor Clean™ or Castor Clean™ Towlettes.
  5. Store pack in plastic bag or other container in a cool dry place when not in use.
  6. Use pack daily or in a regular cycle (ex. 2 - 3 consecutive days a week) until results are obtained.


Place vinyl side of holder against saturated wool or cotton flannel that is positioned on desired body area. Center pack between the flaps, and secure with straps. Insert heating pad inside pouch of holder, if desired. Adjust heat setting as necessary. Hand wash with mild soap and water. Vinyl may be cleansed with solution of baking soda and water if desired.

Other Suggestions for Use of Castor Oil Packs:

 Wrap an ace bandage loosely around the pack and body to hold pack in place

Use the pack to administer other packs and poultices, such as grape, mullein, vinegar and salt, Alka-Thyme, and Epsom salts.


Organic ricinus communis (castor) seed oil.

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Customer Reviews

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May P.
Exactly what I am looking for my wellness

Exactly what I am looking for my wellness, it's good using this castor oil in the winter.

We're glad to hear that our castor oil is just what you needed for winter wellness! Enjoy the benefits! ❄️

Jenny H.
My order was shipped in the same day

My order was shipped in the same day and I received it next day, great service and great product!

Thank you for the kind words! We're delighted you had a great experience with our service and product. Enjoy!

Jessie D.
Great service! Returns no drama!

Great service! Returns no drama! Speedy delivery and quality products!

Thank you for your fantastic feedback! We're glad you enjoyed our service, hassle-free returns, speedy delivery, and quality products.

Paul W.
awesome natural product

awesome natural product but unfortunly my bottle got demaged in transit ,but i managed to salvage half of the contents rapthem up well and use a extra big box so they wont get broken godbless

Thank you for your understanding. We're sorry to hear about the damaged bottle. We'll make sure to improve our packaging. Glad you could salvage some of the product. Take care!

Tracey C.
Great castor oil

Great castor oil, I can’t survive the winter without the castor oil, this is the organic one, very good choice.