Collection: LORAC

LORAC Collection

  • LORAC is the Red Carpet Authority.
  • Unparalleled access to the celebrity world and lifestyle.
  • Plugged into the latest trends in Hollywood. LORAC offers the same products that are used on celebrities today.
  • Inspired by the styles we see taking shape around us - styles we see walking down the runway to the Red Carpet
  • Innovative, fun and unique products.LORAC’s prestige products are created and designed by a famous celebrity makeup artist.
  • Carol Shaw is the premier makeup artist to the stars.
  • LORAC = Carol spelled backwards.
  • LORAC is the only color cosmetics brand that can credibly claim and defend its position as a “Red Carpet Authority."
  • A focus on RED CARPET looks and a fresh, gorgeous style (rather than New York catwalks and haute couture fashion)
  • LORAC creates a wide array of options for women who crave sophisticated innovation.
  • We focus on trends, not fads.