Collection: Red Cherry

False eyelashes have become a main stay in the fashion world.  Making a statement no longer just resonates with the most coveted wardrobe piece or latest hair trend, rather wearing flawless makeup is complementary to a fashion-chic entrance worth remembering.  At Red Cherry® Lashes, style starts by commanding a room with a confident gaze and drawing allure just by the flutter of perfected lashes.

With already a celebrity and cult following, makeup artists and fans alike are impressed with an extensive selection of 100% hand-crafted human hair lash styles Red Cherry® has to offer.  Even the handful synthetic styles they carry, fans can only rave on how lightweight and comfortable these accents are when worn. Since its inception, quality has been a top priority for the company and their dedication to keep its standards high has helped skyrocket this brand to the top of many makeup artists lists of must-haves.  With its continued growth of popularity, Red Cherry® is aimed to evoke all styles from classic, retro-chic to the current high fashion glamour rocking the runways.