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Certain Dri

Prescription Strength Clinical Roll-On Antiperspirant

Prescription Strength Clinical Roll-On Antiperspirant

Stay dry and confident with powerful sweat protection
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Why You'll Love It

  • TickUp to 72 hours of protection from excessive sweating
  • TickDoctor recommended for hyperhidrosis management
  • TickContains 12% Aluminum Chloride for maximum effectiveness
  • TickSuitable for use on underarms for men and women
  • TickFragrance-free formula suitable for sensitive skin

In stock, ships from Brisbane, Australia


Certain Dri Prescription Strength Roll-On is prescription strength, with 12% Aluminum Chloride, and the most effective antiperspirant you can buy without a prescription. Other antiperspirants may have aluminum complexes at higher percentages – but they are not the same. Aluminum Chloride is the strongest and most effective active ingredient available in antiperspirants and is the same active ingredient in many prescription formulations. Aluminum Chloride is the #1 doctor recommended active ingredient for excessive sweating** and is why Certain Dri Prescription Strength Roll-On is different from the rest.

  • Best Practice Is Before Bed Antiperspirants work best while you sleep to stop perspiration the next day. This is when you sweat less, allowing the active ingredient to better get into pores. Don’t worry, it will not wash off after bathing in the morning.
  • Be Certain Your Armpit Area Is Dry To reduce the risk of irritation, underarms must be completely dry prior to application. Do not use immediately after showering; or if skin is broken or irritated. Consider using a hair dryer on the cool setting to help dry your underarms before application.
  • Apply Certain Dri sparingly Only a few downward strokes under each arm are needed. Tilt bottle and roll on to cover entire underarm area. Do not use directly after shaving as this may cause irritation.
  • Pair It and Wear It For added deodorant protection, Certain Dri Everyday Strength Clinical Antiperspirant + Deodorant can be applied in the morning for an extra layer of freshness and protection.

Aluminum Chloride 12%. Inactive: Sodium Bicarbonate, Water.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Ava W.
As someone who struggles with excessive sweating

As someone who struggles with excessive sweating, this product has provided me with the confidence to wear whatever I want without worrying. It's incredibly effective, providing long-lasting dryness and comfort. Highly recommend for anyone dealing with similar issues.

Vanessa Carter
this is the first to keep me dry all day

I was skeptical at first, but Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Roll-On Antiperspirant truly delivered. I've tried countless antiperspirants, and this is the first to keep me dry all day. It's easy to apply and doesn't irritate my skin. Finally, I can wear what I want without worrying about sweat stains. Highly recommend! 🌟💦

Margaret W.
Took a wee while to get to NZ

Took a wee while to get to NZ but would use your service again. Thanks

Adam A.
As an above knee amputee

As an above knee amputee I need a product that helps manage sweat, and I have found that this is good product. Only used it for a week, but I'll monitor it and report back to you.

Julie T.
Exactly as expected

Exactly as expected. Purchase process was easy, shipping was fast :)
Certain Dri is a game changer.. it stings a bit but once you use it a couple times you only need to even now and again after that.